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Number Category Synopsis Last-Modified
9391acl2Output causes crash2010-03-22 00:38:54 EDT
11997all语法高亮bug2011-09-21 10:06:06 EDT
12243allCrashing bug2011-11-20 10:29:44 EST
12324allover time, set font size works more and more slowly2011-11-20 14:35:42 EST
10507drschemeDr. Scheme process ocassionally remains after closing all windows2011-11-20 17:46:17 EST
10307allDRScheme doesn't load on a 500 MHz G3 ibook running current Tiger2011-11-20 18:05:12 EST
10313allfile won't open2011-11-20 18:51:21 EST
9145allProblem with reading data structures when usinf readfromfile2011-11-28 07:48:01 EST
9544allMrEd -z on Windows2011-12-03 10:54:51 EST
11142help-deskOpera doesn't open when help desk is requested...2011-12-06 13:57:13 EST
12432help-desksearch manual doesn't work(it doesn't search any thing).2011-12-11 22:29:01 EST
9613allSoftware not getting started2012-02-03 18:40:47 EST
10038drschemeError when invoking profiler2012-02-03 19:16:01 EST
10007mzschemeApplication crashes sometimes before it starts and constantly while running.2012-02-03 19:19:37 EST
9449allDrScheme hogs Windows CPU2012-02-03 19:21:05 EST
9890allDrScheme occasionally hangs2012-02-03 19:45:29 EST
12521drschemegray parenthesis highlight doesn't match syntax & letter colors offset2012-02-03 20:56:01 EST
9470drschemeThe key-combination (Alt-right \) doesnt display anything2012-02-07 16:28:01 EST
10270mzschemeppc v4.2.0.2 fails on startup - it just dies after the splash logo,2012-02-07 16:52:01 EST
9807mzschemeHostname lookup fails in v4.1 on Ubuntu 8.04 -- but not when built from source2012-02-13 20:48:01 EST
12637miscError When Using Sandbox2012-04-18 17:28:01 EDT
12696allIssue displaying memory2012-04-19 04:00:01 EDT
12674allcursor positioning2012-04-22 09:44:01 EDT
12822allmodule: identifier already imported from a different source2012-07-24 19:55:56 EDT
11068web-serverweb-server/insta: Stopping makes error highlight disappear2013-06-09 14:26:26 EDT

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